Try to list the sources of culture that a person is exposed to

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canada goose uk shop This presupposes that the two are exclusive, whereas historically they may have been the same thing.Yes, absolutely, 100%, zero doubt, for the same reason black people speak English, know the words to the national canada goose parka outlet uk anthem, and enjoy cheeseburgers as much as you do. Try to list the sources of culture that a person is exposed to. Now ask yourself, of all those, how many are not overwhelmingly controlled by white people, both historically and today? How able are black people to affect their own culture, given that cheap canada goose jackets toronto they have much less capital with which to purchase a TV station, for instance, or go to college to become teachers for their own people, given that they segregated from groups they might otherwise ingratiate themselves to in order canada goose uk size chart to climb corporate ladders, etc?Put another way: The responsibility for changing a culture, like all change, falls on people with the power to do so. canada goose uk shop

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